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Seal-M Community Video featuring Clara Mongstar as Community Ambassador

Indonesia is a crucial and intriguing market for the Seal Online IP from PLAYWITH, given the game's significant success and popularity in the country. The launch of Seal-M on the mobile platform is a pivotal release that has been eagerly anticipated by both the publisher and the players.

Challenge & Solution

The high expectations and anticipation from the community serve as strong motivation for our team to ensure we deliver the level of excitement that satisfies the players. With a diverse target market in our sights, precision in our key messaging within the content is crucial. This includes callbacks that resonate with existing players of Seal Online, while also highlighting new and modern unique selling propositions (USPs) that appeal to the new player base.

Final Result

The content has become the go-to educational and entertaining video that resonates with players from both generations—the nostalgic Seal Online player base and the new mobile-centric MMORPG players. Used in paid media (Ads) alongside comprehensive marketing strategies and placements, Seal-M successfully reached the Top Download chart on the PLAYSTORE.


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